What is the SDA-1?

The answer is simple – it's everything you need as an AMP-150 owner. It gives you access to all the features you might want in a modern hi-fi, while keeping your amplifier pure and analog, just like you wanted. A perfect way to satisfy your inner purist by staying in touch with the analog roots of our hobby, while enjoying all the benefits of technological advances like digital audio and streaming.

Let's break it down, so it's easier to understand. At it's heart, it's an advanced digital to analog converter that plays your music like you've never heard before. It streams from services like Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Spotify, or from your own digital files stored on a computer or network storage. Converts them to an exquisite analog signal, and feeds that to your amplifier via analog interconnect cables. Voila.

And if you so desire, you can connect headphones to it, to not bother your neighbors or significant other when you happen to really want to hear that favorite album of yours at 2AM in the night. You can finally do that with a Gato Audio product. ;-)

Truly, the perfect companion for the AMP-150, designed to bring out the very best out of our integrated TwinFET champion.