Our classic PM series is back for a limited edition run, and it's better than ever!

We're thrilled to announce a limited edition reissue of this classic design, which has been upgraded with a new crossover and binding posts.

Armed with new knowledge gained from the modern FM series, we've given the PM's a serious makeover on the crossover side, and while we were at it, also equipped them with the same, heavy-duty binding posts of the FM's for an even higher quality look and feel. And the best part? We're offering these at an astoundingly attractive price point, as part of our B-stock sale, as we're utilizing cabinets we've had left over from past production runs that were suitably refreshed for the task.

Rest assured though, that everything put into these cabinets, like the drivers, crossovers, trim pieces, and binding posts, are all brand new parts. To emphasize our confidence in the performance and quality of these speakers, we're offering our standard 5 year warranty and a 30 day trial with free worldwide shipping.