The PPA-1 is Our Reference in Vinyl Playback

Transforming tiny vinyl grooves into a huge musical experience as the PPA-1 does, requires a sophisticated attention to detail. We did our utmost to bring forward such attention, drawing from all of our experience designing circuits, but we also consulted some of the brightest minds within analog design outside of our company to achieve this absolutely magnificent phono stage. It features a hybrid of discrete and IC based amplifier circuits, including a newly developed discrete push pull FET based balanced output stage.

One of 99 Originals - Limited Edition

For delivery in November 2022, we are building 99 PPA-1 phono preamplifiers. These are all limited edition units with an extended and transferable 10 year warranty, and a special One of 99 Originals engraving. If you preorder before July 1st, there is even a 300 euro saving!


  • Two cartridge inputs, each with memorized settings
  • -MM/MC selection
  • Low noise current MC input circuit
  • Capacitor load settingfor MM input
  • Gain setting for each input
  • Subsonic filter
  • Balanced FET output stage
  • Balanced design
  • Volume controlled headphone output, 6,3mm Jack
  • 12V standby trigger
  • Remote controlled
  • Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark