Free Worldwide shipping – All Duties and taxes paid!

No matter if you buy directly on our website or from a dealer – the price has always been including duties, tax and VAT if applicable. The price you see here on the website is what you pay to get it in your listening room. Everything is included and you should not fear to encounter more expenses or time consuming problems with local customs or transport companies.

This is not a new thing, it has always been like that as a part of making Gato Audio the world most transparent Hi-fi company, for the benefit of the consumer.

For business owners with a valid EU VAT number can contact us before ordering to get the VAT deducted during the check out process.

Risk Free 30 days home trial!

Buying the right Hi-fi equipment has never been easy, but we have made it easier than ever! – We offer consumers two choices; Buy it here online on our website or buy at one of our official dealers.

  1. 1 Buying directly from the Gato Audio website gives you, besides worldwide free shipping, also 30 days of risk free home trial with satisfaction guaranteed! Should the products not meet your expectations, you can return it within 30 days from date of delivery and get a full refund. We offer first class support online and over the phone should you have questions or need help.

  2. 2 Buying from an official Gato Audio expert dealer is for you who seek personal assistance and help selecting the right Gato Audio products for your specific setup. Our carefully selected dealers are the real deal; typically smaller, competent and very knowledgeable of our products – not margin driven chain mega stores.

5 Year of factory Warranty!

Your Gato audio product are made in Denmark, by people who care. It is not just something we say for fun, it is the truth and we all know; Danes don’t lie :-)

By registering your Gato Audio product, we extend the standard two year factory warranty to five years to fully cover any manufacturing defect that might appear during the first five years of use. The warranty goes for all our products and extends even to a secondhand owner. Isn’t that nice and relieving?