Feeling the itch to upgrade? Wondering if a DIA-400S sounds better than your DIA-250S? Well, of course it does - just ask any of the customers that have already upgraded. Perhaps you are considering getting the full benefit from our TwinFet topology and upgrade from AMP-150 to PWR-222 mono blocks or perhaps you have something completely different in mind? We are frequently asked by our customers whether it's possible to trade in and upgrade to a newer or better model, so we felt it was time to write you a message about it.

Yes, it's very much possible, in fact we encourage it and make it as easy as possible!

We offer a good deal for customers trading in their used Gato Audio amps. No need to mess around on the secondhand market, no unnecessary hassle or risk. Just a straightforward upgrade.

If you changed your home décor and want a different top cover color with your upgrade? No problem, we'll take care of that too.

Get in touch with us at sales@gato-audio.com for your customized trade in offer.