We are proud to announce our 10year anniversary. To be exact Gato Audio ApS was founded February 21st 2008 – a Thursday like any other Thursday. Kresten Dinesen, Rasmus Holm and Frederik Johansen had for quite a few years worked for several Danish High End audio companies, managing development, production and sales. It was now time for letting loose our own ideas, our own vision of how the next generation of High End audio productions should be conceived. Right from the beginning we knew we wanted to merge the best of sounds with the best of design. We wanted to break down the many years of the conservative barrier that only ugly products can produce beautiful sound. We also wanted to show the world that good design does not cost more to make than bad design. Looking back on the last ten years of business we have received astonishing press critics; best in design, best in sound and best in price/performance makes us proud. And what is more important; the feedback we get from our customers that values this exact combination of qualities in our products.

We would like to thank all our costumers and all our business partners for the first ten years.We hope for many more good years with happy costumers and great products.