Extremely high internal damping, a minimum of resonances, extra strength and material stability

The multilayer construction of the Gato Audio FusedMASS cabinet ensures extremely high internal damping, a minimum of resonances and providing extra strength and material stability. By laminating different materials in different thicknesses and adding a special glue, we have intelligently removed the resonance problem that otherwise normally have been approached by just adding more and more material.

Normal single layer cabinet

The single layer cabinet material have only one internal resonance frequency and limited internal damping, causing extended vibration.

The FusedMASS cabinet is a sandwich made from a thick layer of MDF board with a medium resonance frequency, a thin layer of soft and heavy bitumen with ultra-low resonance frequency and finally a medium layer of HDF board with a high resonance frequency. Each of these layers has its own resonance and vibration characteristics, but glued together under high pressure they provide active support and damping for each other’s unwanted behavior.

Gato Audio FusedMASS cabinet

The FusedMASS cabinet materials with different resonances and damping capabilities works against each other and vibrations are small and dies out quickly.

By comparing our FusedMASS material with typical cabinet material in the same thickness, we see drastically reduction of both resonance and vibrations and yet we are still able keep both internal volume and external slim beauty of the cabinet. In the larger FusedMASS cabinets even further strengthening of the construction are provided by heavy internal bracing.