High-tech materials, optimized magnet systems, low memory rubber surrounds and mineral filled cones are some of the technologies that we are fully taking advantage of to reach our goal of a perfect sonic perfomance.

Low Loss, Linear Suspension

Choosing a soft and very low loss, low memory natural rubber as suspension, ensures free cone movement from even the smallest signals. This provides detailed sound with natural dynamics and transient response.

Copper Shorting Ring

A heavy ring of pure copper is placed strategically around the internal pole piece of the magnet system minimizes eddy current and lowering the total level of hysteresis to a minimum. It will further lower the induction caused by the voice coil, offering a wide frequency response and the coil induction almost constant, no matter the placement of the voice coil within in the magnet system. This is lowering the overall distortion level.

Low Resonance Mineral Cone

The mineral filled PP cone offers a great compromise between light weight, high stiffness and optimum internal damping. Combined with the low loss suspension, we achieve a rigid and stiff transducer with great damping properties and superb dynamic capabilities. The highly optimized cone geometry assures a well behaved and controlled dispersion, and assures a smooth transition to the tweeter.

Low Compression Design

Every detail of the mechanical design and construction is made with optimal airflow in mind. Having as low air compression as possible ensures the voice coil can effectively dissipate heat, improves the power handling and minimizes the dynamic compression when high SPL is required. Furthermore, the cone is not constrained by trapped air, and this makes the whole speaker audibly more open and free.

Low Hysteresis Motor

The two main parts of the driver motor are the magnet and the voice coil. Both components are optimized for a minimum of hysteresis loss. The voice coil former is made from fiberglass and will, unlike aluminum, not generate any eddy currents in the voice coil former itself – ensuring no damping of the cone movement.