RC-1 System Remote

We knew that adding new values to a remote control would never be an easy task, but we were determined to increase the pleasure of operating audio equipment at a distance.

The Mission

The Gato Audio RC-1 remote control was engineered from the beginning with three main objectives in sight: Comfortable handling during daily use, exclusive design and peerless quality, and finally versatile usage with all Gato Audio products as well as many other high-end brands.
The RC-1 combines all these qualities and values. This is high-end industrial design combining form with function in a perfect blend.

Piece of Mind

Every detail from the powerful dual IR transmitter over the incomprehensibly low standby power consumption and the electrical circuitry to the layout of the pushbuttons and rotating volume knob has been carefully engineered to give you absolutely trouble-free and long-term peace of mind while being easy to use on a daily basis. Spend five minutes getting to know the layout and it will become second nature, assisting you without your eyes constantly needing to try to find the function you want to use.

Get it with the Amp

Although we at Gato Audio due to our obsession with quality of experience naturally supply this unit as a complementary standard together with our AMP-150, we also sell it separately.

    • Technical stuff

      • Transmitter Powerful Dual IR Transmitter
        Code Philips RC5
        Buttons 21
        Power Two Standard AAA Batteries
        Standby time Very, very long

        Weight & Dimensions

        Weight 190 g / 6.7 oz


R-1 user manual (pdf)