PWR-222 High End Mono Power Amplifier

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The PWR-222 is a reference in analogue power amplification. With our own TwinFET technology it delivers a staggering 250W/8ohm and can deal with even the most power hungry speakers.

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We offer bespoke top covers for your PWR-222. Have it matched to your decor or super car. We can paint them in virtually any color. So contact us at and tell us what you have in mind.

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PWR-222 Awards:


A reference in analogue power amplification

Years and Years of Development

The PWR-222 is the culmination of development work started back in 2008 with the AMP-150 integrated amplifier. We have spent the past seven years developing this technology and taking it even further.

The PWR-222 is the perfect partner for the Gato Audio PRD-3S preamplifier, not only will they sonically be in perfect harmony, but the PWR-222s trigger circuit will enable a coordinated on/off standby together with the PRD-3S allowing user friendly every day operation.

Staggering Performance

The PWR-222 delivers a staggering 250W/8ohm and can deal with even the most power hungry speakers. It features a 700W super low noise torodial power transformer, 44.000uF of RIFA capacitors, two 500amp MOS-FETS and WBT NexGen terminals.

The super low noise input stage and the carefully optimized PCB design enables a S/N ratio of more than 115dB and a bandwidth of far beyond 100kHz.

TwinFET Technology

The Gato Audio TwinFET technology has been developed to counter problems and compromises that are present in the majority of power amplifiers. Our TwinFET circuit solves these electrical and sonic problems at the point where they are created, thereby avoiding adding compromising correctional circuits and components.

This is the basic reason why you will only find two output transistors in the PWR-222s output stage, one for the positive and one for the negative part of a sine wave, nothing more, nothing less.

Display Fetish

The mechanical dial display has three settings; to act as a VU meter, indicating output and clipping level, to show the current temperature of the amplifier or to be turned off completely.

Bespoke Cover

As standard we offer top covers in high gloss black, white and real walnut veneer to match the finish of our loudspeakers. But what if you prefer to have your PWR-222 match another brand of speakers or a piece of furniture or the color of your Lamborghini? Gato Audio offer to make bespoke top covers for you. We can paint them in virtually any color. So contact us at and tell us what you have in mind.


  • 250W@8ohm / 450W@4ohm
  • TwinFET technology output stage
  • High bandwidth power supply
  • Balanced and unbalanced input
  • Analogue multi display, clear and informative
  • 12V standby trigger
  • Nonmagnetic enclosure
  • Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark
Technical Specifications
More Information
Output power 1x 250 W RMS 8 Ω - 1x 450 W RMS 4 Ω
Frequency response 20 Hz-20 kHz - 0.1 dB, and 2 Hz-100 kHz - 3 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0,003%
Signal to noise ratio > 115 dB
Input impedance 100 kΩ RCA or 100 kΩ Balanced
Voltage gain 26 dB
Recommended speaker load 4 -16 Ω
Load Protection Speakers < 1.5 Ω


Balanced analogue inputs 1 pc gold plated XLR Neutrik
Unbalanced analogue inputs 1 pc of gold plated RCA
Speaker output 1 pair of WBT NextGen
Trigger, 12 V 1 pc mini jack

Size and Weight

Power Requirements 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, 800W max
Power consumption stdb/idle/max < 1W/55W/800W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 325 x 105 x 400 mm / 12.8 x 4.1 x 15.7"
Weight 16 kg / 35.3 lb
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