Why should I register my Gato Audio product?

If you register your Gato Audio product we will extend your factory warranty by three years on top of the two years we provide by law – in total five years warranty.

What if my Gato Audio product is three or four years old?

By registering your old Gato Audio product, we will extend the warranty to five years from production date no matter the age. Meaning that a three year old product will get two more years of warranty and a four year old will get a one more year of warranty.

What if my product is older than five years do I still get benefit from registering?

Yes you do! But not an extended warranty. We can however send you information directly, should we have an update or a future trade-in deal especially for your type of Gato Audio product.

I bought my Gato Audio product second hand, I have no clue how old it is – can I still register?

Yes you can! We can check the age in our system and let you know the status of the warranty.

I no longer own the Gato Audio product - can I be taken off the registration list?

Yes you can! Just fill out the form once again and write in the comments field that you are no longer the owner of the product.

Will the warranty follow the product or the owner?

It will follow the product, but we recommend that a possible new owner make a new registration on this site.

Is there any good reason for not to register my Gato Audio product?

Not really.

Will I receive a lot of spam emails from Gato Audio if I register my Gato Audio product?

No you will not! If you click yes to our newsletter when doing the registration – we will send you a newsletter once in a while. Otherwise we will only send you an email if we have product relevant information that could have your interest.

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