FSC White Interconnect, RCA

FSC White Interconnect, RCA

Price from 1st of July 2024: 1.0 m €495.00 / 2.0 m €595.00

Current price: 1.0 m €290.00 / 2.0 m €390.00 - Save €205 until 1st of July 2024!

The unbalanced FSC WHITE signal cable is designed to match our products with an utterly faithful, natural and true-to-life resonance-free delivery of music and emotions.

Choose between 1 or 2 meter versions.

Looking for an balanced version? Click here!

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The FSC WHITE signal cable is designed to match our products with an utterly faithful, natural and true-to-life resonance-free delivery of music and emotions

Tightly Wrapped

The FSC cable is constructed from two separate Teflon-insulated wires made of nineteen single pure copper-core strands, each coated with pure silver and a thin but strong Teflon layer holding all the strands tightly together. The two wires are then wrapped inside a silver-plated pure copper screen and finished off by a top layer of tightly applied high-tension Teflon to keep the multi-layer cable assembly tightly fitted together. Lastly, we apply a protective insulation layer which also adds extra dampening mass to the construction. The result is a cable that, thin as it may appear, is tightened so hard together that unwanted sonic phenomena such as resonance and microphonics are virtually non-existent.

By suppressing any possible cause of vibration, microphonics and resonance at the very place they would otherwise emerge, we save the excessive use of plastic materials to control resonance later on.

Fully Bi-Directional

The Gato Audio FSC is a fully bi-directional cable. Our single-ended version with RCA connectors may be "pseudo-balanced", meaning the screen has been connected in the transmitter end and thus needs to be connected the "right" way to perform at its ultimate best. But the cable itself is equally perfect for carrying signals in both directions. By nature, musical signals are alternating, making a true bi-directional cable absolutely necessary and a key point of authentic sound reproduction.

No Voodoo

The magic alloy box on the cable does not control the signal direction, phase corrections, impedance changes, nor does it enable time traveling, remote coffee-making or other voodoo stuff. It has a very simple job and it does it very well: It carries our badge of quality; nothing more, nothing less.


  • Unbalanced Interconnect
  • Fully Bi-Directional
  • High Quality Gold Plated RCA Connectors
  • Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark
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