SDA-1 DAC & Headphone Amp - Preorder

For delivery in November 2022, we are building 99 SDA-1 DAC & Headphone Amps. These are all limited edition units with an extended and transferable 10 year warranty, and a special 1 of 99 engraving.

Expected delivery: November 2022.

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SDA-1 - DAC with a headphone amplifier

The all new SDA-1 is the culmination of years of feedback from users of Gato Audio equipment all over the world. We have combined the very best and most sophisticated D/A converter technology with our unique analogue circuits and a balanced headphone amplifier, creating perhaps the most versatile Gato product for years. Enjoy the latest formats from your favorite hardware source, external streamer or from the optional built-in streaming board, directly into your hi-fi setup... or a pair of quality headphones.

One of 99 Originals - Limited Edition

For delivery in November 2022, we are building 99 SDA-1s. These are all limited edition units with an extended and transferable 10 year warranty, and a special One of 99 Originals engraving.


We have chosen the ESS9038PRO chip for this new DAC, as it has become the industry standard for the very best and most expensive DAC’s and CD players on the market – and for good reason. With a careful implementation utilizing a super precise femto clock, seven low noise voltage regulators and refined analog circuits, we managed to obtain a sonic performance that is unbelievably detailed and yet musical and smooth - like warm Lurpak butter.


Both via the USB port and through the optional streaming module, the SDA-1 offers all the best of the current available formats such as DSD256, MQA, and up to 32bit /384kHz PCM. Optical and Coaxial inputs accept up to 24bit/192kHz.

MOSFET headphone amp

The SDA-1 features both balanced and unbalanced headphone amplifiers, directly accessible from the front panel. It even features an analog input for connecting analog sources like turntables, phono stages, or for simply bypassing the built-in DAC. The fully balanced analog volume attenuation is not only leagues ahead of what you’d normally find on most cheaper DACs with “volume control”, but also easy to operate directly on the front panel or via the remote. This makes the SDA-1 very convenient to use as a preamp for your power amplifier(s).

Optional streaming

Our new, more powerful streaming board offers a variety of lossless streaming services such as Tidal Connect and Spotify Connect without the need of a third party app. This of course goes hand in hand with a Roon Ready certification, support for Qobuz, internet radio and more. A high quality Bluetooth receiver is added to further enhance the daily usability.

Preorder Perks!

Be one of the first 99 original owners of the SDA-1 by preordering now. You will get a special edition with the following perks:

  • 10 Years of Extended Warranty
  • Special Limited Edition unit marked with "One of 99 Originals"
  • Delivery in November 2022


  • Sabre DAC, ESS9038PRO chip
  • MQA support
  • DSD up to 256
  • 32bit/384kHz
  • Analog input
  • Variable or fixed line outputs (can be used as simple preamplifier together with a power amplifier)
  • Fully balanced design, including headphone preamp
  • Balanced MOSFET line stage
  • Both balanced (6,3mm jack) and unbalanced (XLR jack) headphone outputs
  • Turn the SDA-1 into a network player with the optional NPM streaming board
  • 12V standby trigger
  • Remote controlled
  • Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark

This product is under development. Specifications and features are expected but preliminary.

Technical Specifications
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Output Line Level Unbalanced: 2.2V (0dB), Balanced: 4.4V (0dB)
Voltage gain 10dB
Frequency response 20Hz-20kHz -0.2dB
THD + N 0.003%
Signal To Noise Ratio 113dB
Trigger 12V in and out


Unbalanced analogue inputs 1 pair of gold-plated RCA stereo
Digital Inputs 1 pc USB type B, 4 pcs Toslink (2 pcs optical, 2 pcs electrical)
Unbalanced analogue output 1 pair of gold-plated RCA stereo
Balanced analogue output 1 pair gold-plated XLR Neutrik
Unbalanced headphone output 1 pc 6,3mm jack (with volume control)
Balanced headphone output 1 pc gold-plated XLR Neutrik (with volume control)
Trigger, 12 V - in 1 pc mini jack
Trigger, 12 V - out 1 pc mini jack
Communication 1 pc mini jack

Size and Weight

Power Requirements 115 VAC/230 VAC, 50 Hz/60 Hz, <60W max
Power consumption stdb/idle/max < 1W/30W/<60W
Dimensions (WxHxD) 325 x 105 x 420 mm / 12.8 x 4.1 x 16.5"
Weight 10 kg / 22 lb

This product is under development. Specifications and features are expected but preliminary.

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