With our PurePHASE crossover designs we focus on three major technical aspects that seamlessly combines our state-of-the-art transducer designs into a truly outstanding loudspeaker system

The main feature of an ordinary loudspeaker crossover is to divide and adapt the spectrum of audible frequencies into a number of dedicated drivers of a loudspeaker, while maintaining a flat on-axis frequency response and an easy load impedance of the system.

We believe that a flat on-axis frequency is relevant but not the most important aspect in creating a lifelike projection of a musical soundstage. The PurePHASE crossover defies ordinary crossover designs, by having its main focus on three much more important abilities:

1. Exact acoustic phase control of each driver provides a precise definition of the recorded acoustics, instruments and voices together in a perfect and true to life soundstage.

2. Low linear group delay assures that only a minimum of energy is stored in the crossover and the level of electrical resonances are kept as low as possible. Avoiding electrical oscillation and time smearing will emphasize the micro details and provide enormous dynamics and impressive impulse response.

3. Wide linear dispersion provides a much more linear in-room frequency response as all reflected sound from side walls, celling and rear wall has the exact same acoustic signature as the sound emerged directly from the speakers. It makes placement and room acoustics much less critical, ensuring coherent and natural sound even in “difficult” acoustical environments.

Normal crossover - Compressed soundstage

A normal crossover does only project a near lifelike realism of the soundstage, due to phase smearing.

Gato Audio PurePHASE crossover - Lifelike soundstage

The PurePHASE technology off ers a true lifelike soundstage projection due to a perfect timing of all driver at all frequencies.