We are so happy to present the first review of the FM-50 floor standing speaker. A big thanks to Ken Kessler for spending time with our FM-50 and writing about it in the latest issue of Hi-fi News. On top of the positive critic and the confirmation that this speaker is worth more than its price tag - we got a Highly Commended Award for the FM-50.

"Elegant in behaviour, looks and sound, the Gato FM-50 is also full of surprises. Not least, it delivers more than I expected for the price. Had I not been told, I would have guessed that these retailed for £10,000 per pair. They generously reward painstaking set-up, so ‘simple’ they are not. Driven hard, they remain composed. Driven gently, they caress. All-in-all, they are tough to fault, and easy to enjoy."

Ken Kessler, Hi-Fi News