The PRE-1 Dual Mono Balanced Preamplifier

Since the introduction of the PWR-222 mono power amplifiers we have craved for a fully balanced reference preamplifier to match the ultimate quality of the PWR-222's - to finally reach their real performance ceiling. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the PRE-1: a dual mono, fully balanced reference preamplifier with optional Phono stage, SABRE DAC and Streaming modules available.

One of 99 Originals - Limited Edition

For delivery in November 2022, we are building 99 PRE-1 Preamplifiers. These are all limited edition units with an extended and transferable 10 year warranty, and a special One of 99 Originals engraving. If you preorder before July 1st, there is even a healthy saving of between 400 to 650 EUR, depending on configuration!


  • Fully balanced design
  • 5 analog input, 3xRCA and 2xXLR
  • 2 analog outputs, 1xRCA and 1xXLR
  • Gain and name setting for each input with memory
  • Two option slots for upgrade modules:
  • - ESS-1 Dac module
  • - MMC-1 Phonostage module
  • - NPM-2 Streaming module (only together with ESS-1 option)
  • Volume controlled headphone output, 6,3mm Jack
  • Combi display with OLED and analog meter
  • 12V standby trigger
  • Remote controlled
  • Designed, developed and built in Copenhagen, Denmark