This is one of those albums almost everybody likes within a blink of an eye. It has a natural warmth , a deep and dynamic sound and above all, it has atmosphere! We were introduced to the album back in 2010, when a costumer wanted a demonstration of our, back then, newly developed FM-6 loudspeakers. He brought with him a few CD’s he had purchased on a trip to the US, among them was The Poet Game. We played the track "Brand New ´64 Dodge" and everybody started smiling and nobody said a word for 3 minutes and 51 seconds!

The story Greg Browns tells in this track might be simple and unsophisticated – but the atmosphere and the feelings that he relays, immediately draws a clear image in you head and you are there in the car with Greg and his family. There are layers of meanings and moods that discloses a little more every time you hear the song and that makes it a track you don’t mind listening over and over again.

Everything is backed up by a heavy sound and Greg Browns deep but at the same time crispy voice. We have since our first introduction some eight years ago, had the pleasure of playing this and a few other tracks from this record when we do demonstrations. The response is always the same. It makes an impression on people – even if they are not much into folk music.

This and other of Greg Browns records can be hard to obtain in Europe, but there is a nice selection available on TIDAL and we can only recommend given him a chance – but start with taking a ride in the Brand New ´64 Dodge!