CDD-1 High End
DAC with a Drive

We have combined a creamy summation of all the best technological breakthroughs stemming from the developments in the CD's 30 year history, and in addition included a couple of innovations we are proud to have made specifically for this groundbreaking DAC/CD drive.

Digital to Analog Converter

Especially highlighted is the true 24bit/192kHz digital inputs via USB or Coaxial connector, that enables a sonic performance vastly above that of any CD. Use the CDD-1 as a digital connection point for your computer, iPad and streaming devices and it will give you a stunning performance with effortless soundstage and musical details in return.

CD Transport

The CDD-1 will also play ordinary CDs, retrieving all the fine details of your music collection through the professionally specified and widely acclaimed Philips CDpro2 mechanism.


  • Playback of Red Book CD's
  • True 24bit/192kHz digital inputs
  • Asynchronous USB interface
  • Direct high quality digital connection to iPhone or iPad
  • Asynchronous upsampling to 24bit/192kHz
  • Dual diff erential, dual mono 24bit D/A converter
  • Low jitter clock circuit
  • Analogue multi display, clear and informative
  • Samplerate and bit depth read out from digital inputs
  • Professional CDpro2LF mechanism
  • Drive assembly in 1kg milled aluminium, suspended in Sorbothane®
  • Designed, developed and build in Copenhagen, Denmark

    • Technical stuff

      • Output Level 2.2 V unbalanced, 4.4 V balanced
        Output Impedance 100 Ω unbalanced, 200 Ω balanced
        Frequency Response 20 Hz – 20 kHz ± 0.2 dB
        THD+N 0,002 %
        Signal-to-Noise Ratio 120 dB
        Digital Inputs Up to 24 bits @ 192 kHz (S/PDIF and USB input)
        Drive Compatible with red book CD and CD-R
        Digital Output 75 Ω coaxial S/PDIF


        Balanced Analogue Output 1 pair gold-plated XLR Neutrik
        Unbalanced Analogue Output 1 pair gold-plated RCA
        Digital Output 1 pc. gold-plated RCA
        Digital Inputs 1 pc. gold-plated RCA and 1 pc. USB type B

        Size & Power

        Power Requirements 115 VAC or 230 VAC, 50 Hz or 60 Hz
        Fuse 20 mm sand-filled, 630 mA @ 115 V, 315 mA @ 230 V
        Power Consumption Stand by <1 W, Playing<30 W , Max<60 W
        Dimensions (WxHxD) 325 x 110 x 375 mm ⁄ 12.8 x 4.3 x 14.8 "
        Weight 10 Kg. ⁄ 22 lbs.
    • Reviews

      • Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Fidelity, Germany
        October 2017

        Original language: German
        Translation: English

        Outstanding sonic performance and outstanding delicate design. This combination has the power to satisfy you even for decades.
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Hi-Fi Voice, Czech Republic
        April 2016

        Original language: Czech

        Recommended Award
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        pro High End, Russia
        May 2015

        Original language: Russian

        "...this is a truly amazing system with very bright memorable proper sound.
        ...and if we are speaking that the true goal is music and the equipment is just a tool (i hope heaven will forgive me), Gato Audio is a damn perfect tool!"
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review, Poland
        February 2015

        Original language: Polish

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Hi-fi news, UK
        October 2013

        Original language: English

        Awarded Editors Choice - "Although the attention-grabbing design is a big part of the package, these luxurious products offer a harmonious listening experience too, especially together. They sound relaxed, presenting instruments and voices with realistic textures, rather than edging them with 'hi-fi' super detailing."
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        The Absolute Sound, USA
        May 2013

        Original language: English

        "...the overall balance of strengths heard from the Amp-150 and CCD-1—their exceptional musicality and ability to draw listeners into the music played combined with an exceptional beauty of design and delightful operation—makes it hard for me to imagine anyone, excepting the most diehard lover from the romantic school of music reproduction, who wouldn't be delighted by what Gato has achieved."
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        image hifi, Germany
        March 2013

        Original language: German

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Audio, Korea
        February 2013

        Original language: Korean

        Gato Audio AMP-150 review

        Stereo Sound, Japan
        January 2013

        Original language: Japanese

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        HIFI Stars, Germany
        December 2012

        Original language: German
        Translation: English

        "...the Gatos transform my listening space into a concert hall and make the illusion perfect; you think you're in the first row, you forget time and space..."
        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Audio, Korea
        December 2012

        Original language: Korean

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review, Russia
        May 2012

        Original language: Russian

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        HIFI Maailma, Finland
        April 2012

        Original language: Finnish

        Gato Audio CDD-1 review

        Audio Magazine, Russia
        February 2012

        Original language: Russian

        "Real High End – this is what you are thinking when enjoy looking at the Gato Audio components and getting to know their design. The same thought comes to one's mind during playback."